The Experience

A Decade of Service

“A magnetic personality that is catching” said one guest when asked about Adam Long, General Manager of Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa is celebrating Adam’s tenth year of outstanding service as General Manager. As management experts say, “Success in any company or organization is a lot like gravity, it only flows down from the top.” Adam’s tenure is proof of that sentiment.

When you meet Adam Long—and you will meet him when you stay at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa—the first thing you notice is his wide, beaming smile. Adam is a courteous, friendly GM who has an obvious servant attitude. Do not be fooled by his caring attitude and his calm demeanor, though, Adam is a cowboy at heart. He’s an avid hunter, angler and all round Western wrangler, and proud of it. He loves riding horses and likes to get in on the wrangling when he can at the lodge.

There is an old saying that a great attitude is like the flu, give it to somebody. Adam’s love for people and his excellent attitude keeps families like mine coming back to Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa repeatedly. I catch it every time I visit. The re-visit rate at the lodge is one of the highest in the Jackson Hole area. We will be making our 11th annual visit to Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa this summer and will be going back again in January of next year. Why does Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa get so many repeat visits? The answer is easy, the Lodge is a wonderful place to have fun, relax and enjoy fantastic gourmet food while being waited on by a five star staff. The atmosphere, the personality, of this posh lodge is a wonderful thing to experience and enjoy. The five star staff, under the leadership of Long, to a person makes you feel superior while you are here. I believe they enjoy bringing you joy and believe me it comes in abundance.

This small posh lodge is located at the Continental Divide and at an elevation of 9,200 feet. You do not get the summer heat you find at lower elevations at this elevation. While at the Lodge, you can enjoy the beautiful fine art, numerous outdoor activities, or just curl up with a good book on the front porch or perhaps by Brooks Lake.

The calming yet grand solid log architecture of the lodge is something to behold. The magnificent community rooms include The Grand Entrance, The Great Hall, the Governor’s Tea Room, The Cowboy Bar and of course the outstanding Rocky Mountain Spa. You can choose a private cabin, suite or lodge room, all done in individual Western themes and built with the same type of beautiful log structure.

At a mature 33-years Adam has spent almost one third of his life with Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa. He and his lovely wife Julia, (who also works a Brooks Lake), are a handsome hardworking couple who are in the process of remodeling a home in Jackson Hole that they hope to move into in the next 90 days. According to Adam, “We both love the Jackson Hole area and are planting our feet here for the future.”

In addition to all the other amenities that Adam has put in place, the food is to “die for” at the lodge. The meals are world class and meals are served by a professional staff with style and a distinctive Brooks Lake flair. “Chef Antonia is the best. She loves what she does and enjoys meeting her guests in person from time to time,” according to Adam.

Want to meet Adam Long? You will find him hard at work making his guests happy at my favorite place in the Jackson Hole area, Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa. Adam has molded the lodge into a one-of-a-kind experience that is something that you will always fondly remember. “I get a real kick out of making people happy. This is my calling and I love going to work every day,” says Adam.

Congratulations to you Adam on your decade of success waiting on finicky guests like me. May you have many more years of bringing warmth and happiness to your guests.