The Experience

Happily Ever After: A Couple Married at Brooks Lake Lodge Returns After 15 Years

“It was 1999 and love was definitely in the air here at this beautiful place.”

Randy and Ruth Chastian said “I do” June 29, 1999 right here at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa. “It was not an elaborate ceremony,” says Randy, “but it was beautiful in so many ways. The setting was outstanding and we had a wonderful week of fun and adventure here at the Lodge.”

Fifteen years later, in January 2015, the Brooks Lake staff were honored to welcome Randy and his beautiful bride back; this time with their two children, Katie, who is 10, and 12-year-old Brooke (you can imagine our delight when we learned Brooke was named in honor of the couple’s time here at Brooks Lake Lodge). “The girls love the snow and all the outdoor activities. They say their favorites are tubing, just playing in the snow and snowmobiling. We have been tubing three or four times already. Yesterday they made a snow fort and a snowman. We get to set our own agenda when we’re here, and all four of us love being our own boss,” said Randy. “Ruth and I have a lot of fun just watching the girls have fun.”

Weddings are always a special occasion for us here at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa. Most couples prefer to reserve the entire estate for themselves and their guests to enjoy privately. Brides and their bridal parties often take advantage of the spa, while everyone enjoys the gourmet food and outdoor activities. Western themed summer weddings are very popular and can take place outdoors right by the lakeside. However, winter weddings have a peaceful ambiance all their own, surrounded by snow covered mountains and the sleeping forest.

“Ruth and I find this magnificent place to be a peaceful and wonderful spiritual renewal for us. Brooks Lake Lodge will always be a very special to us. We both feel closer to each other and to God when we are here. Among many other wonderful things our family of four finds this wonderful setting to be a great place for family fun and, yes, renewal. What a super place, we just love it. The beauty of it all, I mean the scenery, the wonderful attitude of the staff, and the lovely Western art. I almost forgot the outstanding gourmet food and all the winter adventures. For us it is the perfect package. We are already planning our next visit.” said Randy Chastain. The Chastains are from Fredericksburg, Texas.

We love hearing how our brides and grooms are doing after the wedding, and it was a pleasure for us to host Ruth, Randy and their amazing daughters this winter. From what Randy told us, they had a good time as well. “Ruth and I love all the art you see here at the lodge. Even the girls are enjoying all the beautiful Western art you find here in abundance. Look in one direction you see a beautiful original painting. Look in another direction you see an excellent sculpture and the terrific oriental rugs are just beautiful. This place is amazing, just amazing. Then there are the logs, the beautiful logs. The architecture of the lodge with its two and three story ceilings and the exposed log beams give you a sense of wellbeing and peace. Every guest is referred to as a VIP and that is exactly how you will be treated. We love everything and I mean everything about this beautiful lodge. As I said earlier we were married here in 1999 and this time we have brought our two children along with us to enjoy the fun and warmth of this little bit of heaven. We are looking at New Year’s Eve for our next visit,” Randy said.