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An historical photo of a man on horseback - Brooks Lake Lodge - mountain getaways

Be a part of living history

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Our History

"Among the fir and pine there glistened a lake…what a sight! Tracks of elk and deer abound. Where I sat on my horse stretched a broad, peaceful valley. I stood closer that day to nature’s heart than ever before." 

The above quote comes from Bryant B. Brooks, the seventh governor of Wyoming (for whom Brooks Lake is named), in 1889 when he discovered the valley that is now home to Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa.

Not much has changed in the intervening decades

This historic place is still as awe inspiring as it was that day.

When you visit Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa you are following in the footsteps of generations of adventure seekers looking for mountain getaways. The lodge, which is listed on the National Park Services Register of Historic Places, was built in 1922. Known at the time as the Two-Gwo-Tee Inn, the lodge first served as a stopover for vacationers headed to Yellowstone National Park.

Soon thereafter, the Two-Gwo-Tee Inn was converted into a dude ranch, renamed The Diamond G Ranch, and became a vacation destination in its own right—serving well-to-do Easterners in search of a Western-style vacation.

The main lodge was constructed in a record four months time in the Western Craftsman architectural style that developed in the Rocky Mountain Region during the early 1900s. Through multiple renovations and additions this architecture has been carefully preserved—most recently during the building of our Rocky Mountain Spa which emulates the main lodge.

Adorned with a growing collection of fine Western art and sculpture Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa is steeped in the grand tradition of the Great Western Lodge. With only a handful of lodge rooms and private cabins we are proud to host only a limited number of guests at any one time.

Here at Brooks Lake you will enjoy nothing short of 5-star VIP service. Be sure to visit us in both summer and winter to experience everything this luxury mountain getaway has to offer.

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