Stay Busy with Summer Fun at Brooks Lake Lodge & Spa

At Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa, an array of thrilling summer activities awaits you. This mountain resort offers Jackson Hole all-inclusive packages that are the perfect mix of pioneer living and modern luxury. Discover the beauty of our natural surroundings with a leisurely horseback ride, immerse yourself in nature with a scenic hike, or cast a line and reel in a variety of fish species in our tranquil lakes and streams.

Our historic guest ranch has miles of forested trails to hike, lakes and streams to fish, and clear skies (unpolluted by city lights) to stargaze. In addition to these outdoor pursuits, there are an abundance of other activities to indulge in. Sharpen your aim with archery or join a guided Rocky Mountain trail ride to discover the flora and fauna of the area.

Rocky Mountain Wilderness Trail Rides

Horseback riding can be part of your guest ranch vacation here at the lodge, and we provide you with plenty of “horsepower.” We maintain a herd of 40 surefooted steeds, and riders of all experience levels are welcome. Our knowledgeable wranglers will guide you on your full- or half-day ride into the beautiful Shoshone National Forest.

Trail rides are taken at a leisurely pace. Children 8 years of age and older are welcome on all trail rides.


The rivers and lakes surrounding Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa are teeming with trout. Enjoy a half-day fishing trip hiking through the beautiful wilderness to a cool, clear mountain stream. Or experience an all-day fishing adventure and travel by horseback to a beautiful mountain lake and spend tranquil hours fishing for a bite. Whether you are a novice or a pro, our guides will make sure this is the most enjoyable fishing vacation you’ve ever experienced.

*Fishing licenses are included in your stay. Fly and spin rods are provided as a courtesy to our guests. A variety of flies are available to purchase.


Feel the exhilaration of summiting a peak 11,000 feet above sea level. Look out over the landscape and marvel at nature’s majesty. Here, at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa, you can climb the Pinnacles or hike to the top of Brooks Mountain and stand atop the Continental Divide. Or, for a less daunting physical challenge, one of our guides will take you for a hike along our nature trails—traversing rolling slopes and spotting birds, beasts, and foliage that call these hills home.

All experience levels are welcome. Guides are provided as a courtesy to our guests.


Spend a leisurely day exploring the brisk and beautiful Brooks Lake. Paddle to the middle of this almost 300-acre mountain lake, cast your line for hungry trout, and spend some time catching up with your kids. Everything you need for a high-mountain canoe trip—life preservers, paddles, fishing rods, and bait—is provided for you by our friendly staff.


Experienced huntsmen and novice sportsmen alike will enjoy the recent addition of archery to the Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa guest ranch experience. We provide everything you need, including instruction for those who wish to learn. Come enjoy target practice surrounded by the most beautiful alpine scenery.

Other Outdoor Activities

Pack Trips in Summer

Embark on a summer pack trip starting at Brooks Lake Trailhead in Bridger-Teton National Forest, featuring moderate horseback riding through scenic spots along the South Buffalo Fork River. This trip includes a minimum of two nights in the same camp, allowing guests to relax or explore the wilderness. The South Buffalo Fork River offers fly-fishing for Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout.

Experience luxury “glamping” in wall-tent accommodations with cozy bedding and a wood-burning stove. A skilled camp cook prepares Dutch-oven dishes and provides breakfast and packed lunches. For pack trip fishing, guests need a Wyoming Game & Fish Department license, but assistance is available for licenses and gear recommendations.

  • 3 night minimum for pack trips

Big Game Hunting in Fall

It’s a 7-day excursion into the Western wilderness. Take a trail ride through some of the most beautiful countryside you’ll ever see and arrive at our hunting camp near Cub Creek (the headwaters of the Buffalo River). Here, we’ve seen terrific success rates for hunting elk and bighorn sheep.

A traditional wall tent camp setup, including a cooking and dining tent, will keep you comfortably warm with wood-burning stoves.

If you’re interested, you must apply for elk tags in January and/or contact outfitter Kacy Conner at 307-921-9744 for a non-resident draw.

Best of the West Outfitters has available:

  • 1 hunt for archery season
  • 5 hunts for rifle season

Thinking About Winter?

Our magnificent resort in the Shoshone National Forest, at 9,200 feet, is a winter wonderland away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the stunning natural surroundings, enjoy snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, or you can give extreme downhill tubing a try.

On your authentic Western luxury getaway, relax with a cup of tea or cocoa by the large hearth after a day of outdoor adventure. Our quiet lodge is perfect for relaxing and exploring the snow.

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