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Snowmobiler in snowy mountain landscape at Brooks Lake Lodge, an all-inclusive luxury resort near Yellowstone

Winter: December 19th – March 21st

Enjoy Winter Surrounded by Luxury


Wyoming Ski and Snowmobile All-Inclusive Resort

Stay at an elevation of 9,200 feet in our secluded winter resort hidden within the Shoshone National Forest. This is your private escape from the outside world.

You'll travel five miles beyond the nearest paved road by snowmobile, or track vehicle. Here at our private luxury lodge friendly staff and roaring fires welcome you. Soon you’ll be enjoying winter sports and wildlife viewing excursions followed by hot tea by the oversized hearth on your authentic Western luxury getaway.

Things To Do: Winter

Guests cross country skiing at Brooks Lake Lodge, an all-inclusive luxury resort near Yellowstone

All-Inclusive Rocky Mountain Ski Resort

Enjoy views of the Pinnacle Buttes, Brooks Mountain, and Richard's Peak as you ski miles of groomed trails (as available) meandering along a frozen Brooks Lake. Challenge yourself with an uphill slope that carries you to Barber's Point which has panoramic views of the surrounding Wind River Mountains, Gros Ventre Range, Pinnacle Buttes, and Breccia Cliffs. Or kick it up another level still and go backcountry skiing through acres of ungroomed powder in the sleeping Shoshone National Forest.

Skis with easy, step-in bindings and premium boots are included with your stay.


Ice Fishing

Beneath a sheet of ice two feet thick Brooks Lake is alive with trout. Set out on a crisp winter morning and spend a contemplative day fishing for your dinner. Our expert staff will provide you with everything you need: ice hut, rod and reel, bait and hooks, hot coffee and snacks. Catch and release, or bring your prize home and have our master chefs cook it up for your evening meal.

Fishing rods, lures, bait, ice huts, and refreshments are included with your stay.

Guests snowshoe at Brooks Lake Lodge, an all-inclusive luxury resort near Yellowstone

Snowshoe the Backcountry

Surrounded on all sides by awe-inspiring scenery blanketed in six feet of powdery snow, snowshoeing at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa is an exhilarating workout. At no additional charge, an expert guide will take you on a wintery nature walk through the Shoshone National Forest, pointing out natural landmarks and foraging wildlife. You may encounter bighorn sheep, birds, and weasels beneath the spruce and fir. This is an experience you'll never forget. Your snowshoe rental with adjustable bindings and aluminum crampons is part of your all-inclusive Brooks Lake Lodge adventure.


World-Class Snowmobiling Resort

Spend your winter vacation carving through deep snow and challenging yourself with uphill climbs. Snowmobiling in the scenic backcountry surrounding Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa is a thrill that both pros and novices can enjoy.

At this all-inclusive resort, everything you need is provided for you. Spend a half- or full-day exploring the snowmobile trails through Shoshone National Forest on a high-performance Polaris RMK. Your guide will take you to exclusive, secluded locations where you can enjoy a leisurely ride, or blazing speed, whatever your heart desires.

We have Polaris and some Ski-Doo mountain sled snowmobiles ready and waiting for you.

Additional fees apply.

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